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Lock Repair & Replacement Service - East London & Havering

When it comes to lock repair and replacement, it pays to use a service that you can rely on. Your locks are an integral security element of any property and choosing the wrong engineers could leave you and your property at risk.

With Around The Clock Locks ready to help you, when a problem arises, we can attend your property and get your locks working again. Locks are something that we all take for granted but once a problem arises, you soon realise how important they are. Whether it’s a garage door lock, a front door lock or any other type of lock, we are on hand to carry out door lock repairs when you need them.
If you have a broken lock which is in need of repair, our experts can help. Speak with Around The Clock Locks today! Call 01708 453168 or contact us.

Door Lock Repair You Can Trust

Lock repairs are not something that should be completed by someone who has no experience of working in the industry. Locks are complex and a lack of knowledge can cause further damage or even leave your property exposed to security risks such as burglaries.

Our service is designed to deliver excellence and with a wealth of experience and knowledge, we can provide a service that you can trust. We are a company that has been operating for many years and reliability is key when it comes to carrying out lock repair. This means that whether we are completing standard repairs or emergency repairs, we make sure that our high standards continue to set us apart.

We Can Save You Money

Many people believe that once their lock has failed, it’s time to replace it with a new one, which means spending more money on a new lock and the cost of installation. However, our service has been designed to help save you money. Not every lock that has a problem needs to be replaced and in many cases, a repair makes perfect sense. Therefore, when it comes to door lock repairs, we will always aim to carry out repairs where necessary as this will help you to save money and avoid costs.

Of course, not every lock can be repaired and so, where this is the case, we will give you a range of options available. This will involve providing a range of locks that can offer enhanced security or even help you to save money across the different ranges. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and that comes from taking care of your needs, being transparent and keeping you safe.

Professionalism Delivered By Experts

From the moment you get in touch with us, you’ll instantly feel at ease. We will talk you through the problem, explain the solutions and tell you how we plan to complete the work. Our engineers are friendly and approachable because we are there for you. We’re even on hand to provide any follow-up help you might need too.

We offer more than just lock repair or door lock replacement because we believe in building relationships with our clients and ensuring their properties are safe and secure at the same time.
At Around The Clock Locks (ATCL) we are skilled locksmiths with many years experience. Speak with an specialist today. Call 01708 453168 or contact us.

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