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Types of Door Locks For Your Home – Find The Right Fit

Types of door locks

When protecting your home, having the right types of door locks is essential. Installing the proper types of locks can help ensure you and your family are safe and secure in your home. But with so many locks available, how do you know which is best for you? In this post, we will discuss the various types of locks for your home’s doors so that you can decide on the kind of lock most suitable for each entry. Read on to learn more!

Different Lock Types Available


Deadlocks are an essential security feature for any door. They offer a much higher level of protection than a regular push-button lock, preventing anyone from being able to open the door from outside without the correct key. Deadlocks come in various shapes and types, with the most robust providing a dual-locking mechanism and multiple pins that specific locksmiths can only unlock. Their strong and secure design makes deadlocks ideal for front or back doors or any other entrance point you want to keep safe. They offer an extra layer of safety so you can feel confident knowing your home is always secure.

Deadlock for doors

Mortice Locks

A mortice lock is a type of door lock fitted into the door’s body. The main feature of this type of lock is its need to be recessed into the door frame, creating a ‘mortice’ (hence the name) which makes it difficult for an intruder to access. In terms of security, mortice locks are one of the best options, making them commonly used in many homes and commercial buildings. Mortice locks are relatively low-cost compared to other more advanced locking systems, offering robust protection against forced entry. As such, a mortice lock is often considered an ideal security solution for most residential and small business applications.

Night Latches

A night latch lock, sometimes called a rim lock, is an effective security device used on external doors. It provides a simple yet secure locking system suitable for homes or businesses looking for an additional layer of security. The night latch uses two components – a fixed plate which can be attached to the door frame and a latch that fits over this plate. When locked, the door can only be opened using a key from outside, while users inside can also operate it by using the handle or thumb turn. This feature makes it ideal for exits where people will require frequent access and ensures that no one is left locked out of their property. With its simple design, ease of use and affordable price point, the night latch is a reliable solution for providing extra protection from intruders.

Cylinder Locks

A cylinder lock is a keyed lock that uses a cylinder—shaped piece of metal attached to the lock face—to open. This piece of metal is turned by a key, which rotates the pins and tumblers inside the cylinder. These pins and tumblers work together to create a unique pattern that meshes with the grooves on the edge of the key, allowing it to turn to unlock the door. Cylinder locks are commonly used on doors and windows and come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Most can be quickly replaced and re-keyed if necessary. The strength and security offered by cylinder locks depend on their size and design and how securely they are installed; however, all successfully defend against basic burglary attempts.
Cylinder door lock

Knob Locks

Knob locks are a popular type of door-locking mechanism. They consist of an outer knob, held in place by an inner cylinder containing a spring-loaded pin or other mechanisms, and a keyhole that allows a unique key to turn the inner cylinder and fit into the outer knob. When the key fitting turns the inner cylinder, it unlocks the spring-loaded pin and allows the external knob to be rotated open. A tension wrench is often needed to pull out the pin from underneath when opening one of these locks with a master key or duplicate. It should be noted that modern knob locks are designed for ease of access and convenience, so care should be taken when selecting one for higher security tasks.

Knob lock for doors

Multi-Point Locks

Multi-point locks are commonly used to keep residential UPVc doors secure. These multi-point locking systems offer a variety of features that make them an effective security measure. At the locking points, multiple hardened steel pins extend from the inside edge of the door and into interlocking parts on the frame when engaged. The length and number of these pins will depend on the model, but modern variations can have between two and four locking points along with a key-operated deadbolt for enhanced security. When closed, the locking pins within UPVC multi-points work together to ensure an even distribution of force around the frame, meaning it is much harder to force open than if only one traditional lock was used.


Keypad Locks

A keypad lock, also known as a numerical lock or combination lock, is a type of locking system in which entry is granted by inputting a numeric code. Keypad locks effectively restrict access to areas that cut out the need for metal keys. Typically, users are issued a unique code to access their respective padlocks, and the advantage of this is that code combinations can be changed frequently should any security breaches arise. In technical malfunctions, a manual key can override the keypad element allowing the key holder to regain access to the locked area. Keypad locks are often used on garden gates or communal areas.

Keypad lock for gates

Smart Locks

A smart lock is a security system that controls access using electronics rather than traditional locks and keys. Smart locks are secure because they are often connected to a smartphone app or web-based system that allows an administrator to grant access remotely and enable users to open the door from anywhere. For example, you can set up an authorised user list that permits only specific individuals with the key or code to enter a particular property or building. Most smart locks also feature other sophisticated features such as video recording when the door is opened or closed, auto-lock on close, and two-factor authentication for additional greater security. Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners due to their convenience and tech-centric safety features. However, they have some significant drawbacks, such as if you don’t have a signal or your phone is dead or broken, you need a key to override the lock.

Smart lock system

Cam Locks

A cam lock, sometimes called a Compx lock or cam cylinder, is used with various applications such as drawers, cupboards and vending machines. This type of lock features a pin tumbler core that operates similarly to a traditional door lock. The primary difference is that the cylinder requires a key to turn it in only one direction. When this is achieved, the centre part of the key will move a profile known as the cam, which forces pins to rise against the cylinder walls and release what’s inside. This can be a handy security measure for many businesses since the keys are typically challenging to copy or duplicate. In addition, installing this type of lock is much simpler than most other locking mechanisms, which saves time and money on installation costs.

So Which Lock Is Right?

Choosing the right type of lock for your home is an important decision. Whether you’re looking for something simple like a keypad or cam lock, or something more sophisticated such as a multi-point lockset or smart lock, there are many options to choose from that can help keep your property secure. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages so it pays to do some research before deciding which one best suits your needs, or speak with an experienced locksmith who could point you in the right direction. In any case, having the proper security in place will provide peace of mind knowing that your home is well protected against unwanted intruders.

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