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UPVC & Composite Lock Repairs

Around the Clock Locks (ATCL) are the leading UPVC Locksmiths in your area across East London and Havering.
Over time, you may find that you have an issue with your Multipoint locking door lock and this can become very problematic. There can be a range of reasons for why this happens – a range of damage, wear and tear, and even being locked out. When this is the case, you need a locksmith to assist you.

Local UPVC & Composite Door Locksmith

Most Multipoint locks on External doors in households are now fitted to UPVC or Composite Doors. So when you do experience an issue with entry into your home, you will need a Experienced Multipoint locksmith to come out and assess the damage. Whether your door won’t lock, it’s jammed, the key doesn’t turn, or your door won’t close, we are the local reliable experts to help.

UPVC & Composite Door Lock Repair

Your front and back doors, patio doors and garage doors among others around the house may become jammed or broken over time. So when you need a Multipoint locking door lock repair, you need to make sure that you receive a quick and professional service to repair the problem. We are the specialist locksmiths to do that for you.

UPVC & Composite Door Lock Replacement

If you find that your Multipoint locking door lock is beyond repair, it may be the case that we will need to do a Multipoint lock replacement instead. We will come out to your property, make an assessment and ensure that your locks are quickly and expertly replaced to allow you to enjoy security once again.
If you need urgent lock repairs or replacements, reach out to us today for a quote and emergency repair.
At Around The Clock Locks (ATCL) we are skilled locksmiths with many years experience. Speak with an specialist today. Call 01708 453168 or contact us.

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